Vision and Mission

To ensure active use of modern technologies values in teaching so that the children become responsible citizens of the country.
To promote girl children by giving equal opportunities in education to her so that she can understand her rights against harmful gender stereotypes which still exist in our society.
To ensure that modern education reaches even villages and remote areas of the country so that village children as well as city children are benefited.
To channelize the energy and enthusiasm of young learners in the right direction so that they can contribute towards a better future for the country.
To develop a mind of positive thinking among kids for family, society and country.

To ensure a strong foundation of children for comprehensive, intellectual, social, physical and spiritual development. To ensure children feel safe and secure in our care.
To help children discover their talent, develop skills needed for success in future studies.
To establish values that will allow children to act with thoughtfulness in society.
To help the parents in improving their parenting skills for a better parenting experience.
To establish a strong bonding of young learners with their teachers, society and country.