The curriculum of Little Planet Preschool is based on preschool education, which is child-centric, most importantly learning via fun-way methods. Our curriculum helps to achieve the best talent socially and creatively and socially with our unique teaching methodologies so that children can fully develop their potential and abilities.

Our curriculum aims to develop and make children learn using the play way methods in a safe environment so as to develop confidence among their group. Here, with our advanced curriculum, we give multi-opportunities to all the toddlers and are committed towards better grooming and upliftment of children so as to make them prepare for the formal schools. It aims to provide a solid academic foundation to give a better approach for learning. It enhances a child by fostering complete growth of mind and body.

Innovative Curriculum:
Little Planet Preschool offers an innovative curriculum based-program that focuses on promoting the cognitive, social, emotional and mortal and physical development of each child. The curriculum includes various activities like expressing feelings verbally confidently, table manners and toilet training, poem recitation (English and Hindi), learning to socialize, mixing up among the peer group, etc. We also emphasise on digital education by introducing new concept learning for play school "SHERA CONCEPT LAB".

Shera Concept Lab:Surrogate Parents for Children
With a motto of digitization and modernization of education, We at LPPS, have created a concept-oriented and activity based APP which can be accessed by children and parents on Android Phone. This App uses digital medium along with automated tools and it has lots of audio-visual effects, short animations and sound.

APP Methodology
Content of this APP is scientifically established and based on Bloom's taxonomy as it yields maximum output with least efforts. Objective of this APP is let the child experience it, do reflection on it, then into conceptualization and put into practice. This methodology makes teaching and learning interactive and brings effectiveness and efficiency.

Daily Activity
Little Planet Preschool daily games and activities play a major role in the all round development of children. Be it development of sensory motor skills or cognitive development or adjustment is a peer group, preschool daily games and activities triggers the learning process in a constructive way.

Besides occasional celebration of festivals, days and other jubilations preschool daily games and activities include the following

- Story telling - Rhymes recitation
- Make-believe play - Clay modeling
- Drawing and colouring - Thumb painting
- Paper folding - Scribbling boards
- Abacus - Jumbles
- Jigsaws - Enjoying at swings
- Role play activities - Building blocks
- Collage making - Decoration of art pieces
- Puppet shows - Magic shows
- Celebration of various festivals - School functions like Sports Day, Annual Day etc.
- Use of Audio-Visual aids in various learning activities - Celebration of days like colour day, grandparents’ day, vegetable day etc.
- Painting using various objects like earbuds, lady finger pieces, thread etc.